About Us

About Us

ALS PARTNERS is an international company created to enhance efficiency and optimization of the provision of services in the field of intellectual
property internationally. The company specializes in registration and protection of technical solutions, technologies and trademarks Worldwide.


  • 20 years of practice in the protection of intellectual property in the leading countries of the world

  • We value our reputation
    and the reputation of our partners

  • International team
    of lawyers and attorneys

  • Control and registration of all intellectual property of the client through the personal account

  • Absolute
    and guarantees

  • Remote digital

The company has brought together patent attorneys and lawyers. from all over the world. ALS PARTNERS Patent attorneys, high-class lawyers Specialists in the field of IT technologies, mechanical engineering, Medicine, chemistry and biotechnology and professional translators from all over the world.

Our offices

The competence of the company's professionals includes the provision of services related to registration objects of intellectual property, protection and disposal of intellectual
property around the world.

Our patent attorneys and lawyers are competent in providing full a range of services related to the registration and protection of intellectual property
in the international arena.

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