Patent landscapes

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The patent landscape is an analytical tool in the field of patenting that allows you to outline the technological context of any research issue, invention or solution in the field of intellectual property.

By presenting patent analysis tools in general, patent landscapes multiply the potential of patent search and patent analysis results through visualization techniques and multidimensional analytic representations. 

In conditions of a significant volume and complex nature of information, the analysis of the patent landscape becomes an essential stage that precedes any research and development. 

The patent landscape deepens and evolves data by creating multidimensional (3D) visualizations, often similar to natural landscapes, that act as a catalyst for understanding invisible relationships in complex and multidimensional data sets. 

The patent landscape finds its practical application, in particular, among inventors, developers, innovators, patent attorneys, patent lawyers. 

Patent landscapes are used to generate new ideas, identify trends and development priorities, identify promising technologies, products and services, search for cooperation partners, and track competitors' activity. 

Thus, the patent landscape is a tool for making strategic decisions at the level of the inventor, corporation, industry or state.

How can patent landscapes be useful?

Patent landscapes make it possible to look globally at the world development of certain technologies, to determine market leaders. Patent landscapes are a powerful modern tool for analyzing global technology trends.


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