Registration of intellectual property

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Registration of intellectual property is a very important and necessary stage in the development and promotion of any modern business. 

The main type of legal protection for objects of intellectual property is a patent or certificate of protection. 

A patent or certificate is a legal document that reflects basic information about an intellectual property object, such as its name, priority date, authors, patent holders. 

The title of protection endows the owner with the following types of rights: the right to use the object of intellectual property, industrial exploitation, introduction into civil circulation and any other means of disposing of it that are within the law. 

In the modern world, an important aspect when registering intellectual property is international patenting. 

Since there is no single “international patent” in the world, international patenting provides for the following options: national, regional or international patent registration. 

An increasing number of applicants around the world prefer to file a single international application for an invention under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 

The PCT treaty provides for two main stages of consideration of an international application - "international phase" and "national phase". 

In the "international phase", a patent search and preparation of a written communication regarding the patentability of the claimed subject matter is carried out. 

In the “national phase”, the application is examined under national laws by the national patent offices of the selected PCT signatory countries where the applicant for the international application would like to receive patents.

What are the benefits of registering intellectual property objects?

Your partners and clients appreciate the fact that your organization has filed patent applications and issued patents. The presence of patents indicates a high competence, as well as a high level of professionalism of the employees of your organization. This image of the organization helps to attract new funds, new business partners, and improve the reputation of your organization.


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