Protection Owners of Design

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In the event that the rights of the owner of the industrial design are violated in any way, it is necessary to take special measures to defend the rights as the owner of the patent. 

The fact of illegal use of an industrial design protected by a patent can serve as such a violation of rights. 

The first step to protect the violated rights will be to collect the necessary materials for filing a written opposition to the illegal use of the patent. 

The opposition is filed with the appropriate authority competent to resolve patent disputes. 

In most countries of the world, the opposition must relate to one application or one patent and contain a justification for the illegality of the contested decision or grounds for revoking the patent. 

After considering all aspects of your case, this instance will make its decision. 

Depending on the type of violation of rights, such objections can be considered in administrative, civil (judicial) and criminal procedures.

How can you determine that your rights as an owner of an industrial design have been violated?

Tracking and finding patent infringers is difficult. You can track the production and sale of goods from competitors using the Internet and promotions. Currently, no one works without offers on the Internet, the presence of their own sites, almost any company has its own online store. Use of other sources of information such as media, technical or commercial magazines.


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