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The objects of patent rights are inventions, utility models and industrial design. 

Patent rights include copyright and exclusive rights. 

The right of authorship is a non-property right, it is inalienable and non-transferable. 

The author of a technical solution or design is a citizen whose creative labor it was made. The author (s) of an invention or a utility model are considered to be the persons indicated in the application for a patent. 

An exclusive right is a property right and is the right to use an invention, utility model or industrial design. Use is understood as the manufacture of a patented technical solution or the embodiment of a design in a material object, its use, an offer for sale, import into the country, or other introduction into civil circulation. 

Patent owners have the right to transfer their exclusive rights in full or within the established limits under contracts of a simple or exclusive license. The copyright holders also have the right to alienate exclusive rights. All actions on the transfer or alienation of exclusive rights must be formalized by an appropriate agreement, which must be registered with the national patent office. 

In the case when a similar invention or utility model was invented by someone earlier, but not patented, its author has the right of prior use. This right means the possibility of further exploitation of your invention or utility model without paying any funds, but also without expanding the areas of its use, by including this invention in any newly created object and sale, except for transfer along with the object in which it is involved. 

What should be considered when protecting the owner of intellectual property?

Owners should also consider additional copyright protection options. Using copyright rules, you can defend the priority of your creative ideas, protect the design and appearance of devices, protect literary and advertising descriptions, scientific developments on the topic, copyright names. Using these opportunities, it is possible to implement not only the protection of the essence of a technical solution, but also the protection of technical works.


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