Trademark management

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Proper management of your intellectual property is one of the key tasks for running a successful business. 

Each organization can develop its own strategies for managing personalization tools, based on the strategies of the world's leading countries in the field of patent law - the United States, China, Japan and Germany. 

However, each country has its own individual characteristics, in particular, associated with the stages of development of means of individualization in general, which will certainly affect the IP management processes. 

To develop strategies for the management of a trademark, the results of the assessment of this trademark will also be useful. 

The transfer of the right to a trademark can be carried out either in the form of an assignment of the right to a mark, or in the form of a license to use the mark. 

License agreements for the right to use a mark are basically of two types: 

  • simple (non-exclusive) license agreement; 
  • exclusive license agreement. In addition, there are full licenses and partial licenses.

Full license - a license that grants the right to use a trademark for the entire list of the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) for which it is registered. 

Partial license - a license granting the right to use the mark only for a part of the goods or services from the entire list of goods or services for which protection has been issued. 

Recently, a special form of complex licensing has become popular abroad - a franchise, in which a trademark plays a more important role than in other complex licenses. 

Also, there is the concept of "internal licensing", which occurs when a multinational company or group of companies holds all intellectual property (including trademarks) in the name of the parent company and the location of the parent company. The parent company may license to its subsidiaries around the world the right to manufacture and distribute the company's brands in the same manner as in a licensing agreement with third parties.

Why do you need to manage a trademark?

Management is necessary for the development of a trademark and other means of individualization. A well-designed and effective trademark management strategy can make the organization better known in the global market, and will undoubtedly bring additional revenues.


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