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An important aspect of copyright management is their competent management.

When transferring the rights to use his copyright object, the author can conclude the following types of contracts:

License agreement. In this case, the author or other rightholder (licensor) grants or undertakes to grant the other party (licensee) the right to use his copyright object within the framework specified in the agreement. The rights to the copyright object can be transferred in part, as well as for the period specified in the contract.

The license can be simple (non-exclusive) and exclusive. If the type of license is not specified in the license agreement, it is considered simple.

An agreement on the alienation of copyright, according to which the copyright in a work is transferred in full.

Copyright contract. In this case, the work will be created by the author for a specific order. One party (the author) undertakes to perform the work described in the contract on the order of another person (the customer).

Service work. This is a work that is created by the author as part of his official duties. In this case, the author retains the copyright and the employer retains the exclusive right.

Legally, without an agreement, it is impossible to transfer rights from the author to other persons, with the exception of inheritance, reorganization of a legal entity and when foreclosure is made on the property of the copyright holder.

If you have an agreement from a counterparty or you need to draw up an agreement yourself, you must carefully check and clarify all the nuances of the terms of each type of agreement.

Why should the author conclude an agreement on the transfer of his rights to his work of authorship?

Legal settlement of copyright disputes must be supported by various types of contractual relationships. This is necessary for the author in order to protect his unique author's developments from unauthorized copying, distribution over the Internet, public demonstration or any other types of illegal disclosure.


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