Evaluation of Patent

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A patent for an object of intellectual property grants certain types of rights, the patent owner has an exclusive right, and the author has the right of authorship. 

The assessment of a patent is carried out specifically in relation to the exclusive right, since only exclusive rights have a market value and commercial interest. 

Appraisal of a patent is necessary for the analysis and accounting of the intangible assets of the enterprise, which includes intellectual property as an intangible asset, which in turn forms part of the capitalization of the enterprise. 

There are several different approaches for evaluating a patent: 

  • Market approach. In this approach, in order to evaluate a patent, it is compared with similar objects of intellectual property used in approximately the same area of ​​business. They compare the volume and features of legal rights for similar objects, as well as features of the direction and development of business, functional and technological characteristics and features of financial transactions. 

  • Costly method. According to this method, they calculate the costs incurred due to the creation, purchase, production, protection and organization of the terms of sale of the object of interest. This method is used to evaluate objects that require a lot of time and capital investment to create. 

  • Income method. This method depends on the sources of future income and their sustainability. According to this method, profit is calculated in different periods of use of the intellectual property object.

How to evaluate an intellectual property object that has not yet been introduced into production and is not used in any way?

A patent for such an object can be evaluated if there is a clear prospect of commercial use of this object in the existing market conditions. The valuation of such an item will be based on the projected level of income from the commercial use of this intellectual property subject to patent.


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