Patent Management

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Competent and effective management of intellectual property, including patents, is one of the primary conditions for a successful business. 

Patents are the most valuable subject matter in all intellectual property. 

Intellectual property is an intangible asset of an enterprise, which is also accounted for when the enterprise is capitalized. 

So that the asset does not turn into a liability, but increases in value, its effective management is certainly required. 

Each organization has its own strategies for managing intellectual property. The generally accepted opinion in terms of effective models and management strategies is leading the enterprises of the world leaders in the field of patent law - the USA, China, Japan, Germany, where intangible assets in the form of intellectual property can be the main and most valuable assets. 

However, each country has its own individual characteristics, in particular those associated with the stages of development of regulation of intellectual property in general, which will certainly affect the processes of intellectual property management. 

The main methods of intellectual property management are the disposal of exclusive rights by building contractual relations with interested parties, as well as updating, maintaining the operation of intellectual property objects in various jurisdictions. 

Also, the elements of intellectual property management are market monitoring, patent research and building patent landscapes. Patent management is a serious set of measures aimed at profitable commercialization of a patent.

Getting a patent is not enough - you need to manage it competently!

Each organization develops its own patent management strategies. Good management is aimed at increasing the value of the patent, as well as constant profit. For effective management, organizations analyze their patented technical solutions throughout their entire life cycle: from the emergence of an idea and the creation of the first working prototypes to the expiration of patents.


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