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All over the world, inventions are defined as new technical solutions to technical problems. The problem may be old or new, but a solution claiming the status of an invention must necessarily be new and correspond to the modern inventive step. The invention is protected by a patent and is regulated by patent law.

The invention includes such components as originality, creativity and ingenuity of the human mind, and expressed to a sufficient extent.

The invention does not have to be complicated: the creation of the safety pin solved one of the existing "technical" problems. 

The invention is the most widespread and most respectable object of intellectual property, which protects and protects technical solutions. 

The international patent system is designed to foster the development of innovation and the transfer and diffusion of technology for the mutual benefit of inventors, users of inventions and society at large. 

The granting of a patent for an invention by a state or a regional office acting on behalf of several states gives the patent holder an exclusive right, i.e. the right to prevent the use of his invention for commercial purposes for a specified period of time, which is usually 20 years. 

To obtain legal protection, the applicant must disclose the essence of his technical solution, and the obtained patent rights can be ensured only within the territory in which the patent for the invention was issued. 

The subject of the invention may be a product or a method. 

An invention must meet the criteria of patentability: industrial applicability, novelty, inventive step, while in many European countries and the United States, the obviousness of a technical solution is also added.

What does the lack of protection for an invention lead to?

Failure to protect a technical solution can lead to fatal business consequences. Not only will you not be able to commercialize the result of your creative work, but you may also be prohibited from using and disposing of it.


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