Restoration and renewal

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A patent for an industrial design must be regularly and timely supported by the required amount of patent fees. 

The validity of a patent may be terminated early if the fee for maintaining the validity of the patent is not paid in time. 

At the request of the patent holder or his assignee, the patent can be restored. 

The restoration is made in the event that the corresponding patent fee has been paid, as well as if such payment is made within the period established by law. 

The term of a patent for an industrial design is five years from the date of application. 

The validity period can be renewed every five years, but for a total of no more than 25 years. 

After the termination of the exclusive right, the industrial design goes into the public domain and can be freely used by any person without anyone's consent or permission and without payment of remuneration for use.

What will happen to a patent for an industrial design if it is not supported in time?

If the patent fee is not paid on time or the time period allotted for its payment is missed, the patent for the industrial design ceases to be valid, as well as all the rights that it gives to the patent owner.


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