Patent Research

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Patent research helps to solve technical, business and legal problems associated with the development and marketing of products that contain scientific and technical achievements. 

Currently, the conduct of patent research is based on an analysis of the market for products that are the subject of patent research. 

The main types of patent research are as follows. 

Analysis of trends in the development of the technical level and general directions of development of technology, industrial property, production secrets (know-how), services. This analysis implies the study of new developments and patents in the chosen direction in which the developments are being carried out, as well as the analysis of trends in the development of these areas at the world level. 

Checking patent cleanliness. Verification of patent purity is carried out in the case of research of objects in order to prevent violation of the rights of patent holders in the countries of interest in cases of subsequent sale of the investigated intellectual property object. The fact that an object has patent purity means that it can be freely manufactured, stored, sold or sold within a certain territory without the risk of violating other people's patent rights. 

Construction of patent landscapes. The patent landscape is an analytical report that includes an analysis of patent documents and published applications for selected regions or countries, indicating the areas of interest in science and technology. Next, a visual map is created on which information about the technical and legal state of patent objects is indicated. A visual map of the patent landscape allows you to track the level of inventive activity in selected regions, as well as the level of technical development of competitors.

Why do you need to conduct patent research?

Patent research helps to obtain a deep and comprehensive analysis of industrial property objects, to assess the features and the need for their implementation in a particular country.


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