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The objects of patent rights are utility models and industrial designs (design). Patent rights include copyright and exclusive rights. 

Copyright is a moral right, inalienable and non-transferable. The author of a technical solution or is recognized as a citizen, whose creative work it was made. The author (s) of an invention or a utility model is considered to be a person in an application for a patent. 

An exclusive right is a property right and is the right to use an invention, utility model or industrial design. Use of the representation of a patented technical solution or implementation in a material object, its application, offer for sale, import into the country, introduction into civil circulation. 

Patent holders have completely exclusive rights. The copyright holders also have the right to alienate exclusive rights. All actions to transfer or alienate a compulsory legal agency. 

In the case of a similar invention or utility model, it was invented by someone earlier, but not patented, its author has the right of prior use. Any means created other than passing along with the object in which it operates.

What should you pay attention to when protecting the rights of the copyright holder of intellectual property?

Rightholders should also consider the additional protection offered by copyright regulations. Using copyright rules, you can defend the priority of your creative ideas, protect the design and appearance of devices, protect literary and advertising descriptions, scientific developments on the topic, copyright names. Using these opportunities, it is possible to carry out not only the protection of the essence of a technical solution.


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