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A database is a collection of independent materials that are systematize so that these materials can be found and processed using a computer. 

In most countries where registration of this object is provided - a database, such an object is protected as an object of copyright and related rights. 

The author or creator of the database has personal non-property rights, and the copyright holder has exclusive rights. 

The copyright holder can use this intellectual property to extract material profit. A database can be an object of related rights, provided that its creation requires significant financial, material or other costs. 

The protection of the database includes the protection of the result of creative work in the form of a selected and systematized material. Any person can use the materials themselves that make up the content of the database, without the consent of its creator, but in compliance with the copyright for protected objects, if they are included in the database. 

However, in the event that a database becomes an object of related rights, legal protection also extends to its content. 

When analyzing the world practice of registering this object, it turned out that the most popular and prompt way to obtain international protection for a database is their registration with the US Copyright Office. The Bureau's certificate is a generally recognized world analogue of the international registration of copyright. 

However, for additional protection, it is also possible to obtain national titles of protection in those countries where the proposed markets for the registered development are based. 

The duration of the exclusive right to the database, in most countries, is the entire period of the author's life and seventy years, starting from January 1 of the year following the year of his death.

How to carry out the international registration of the database?

There is no single world register of copyright works in the world, where it would be possible to register its database so that such protection would be effective in most countries of the world. An author from any country in the world can apply for registration of his electronic program with the US Copyright Office.


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