Registration of topology of microcircuits

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The topology of an integrated microcircuit is a microelectronic product of a final or intermediate form, which serves to perform certain functions in an electronic circuit. 

The elements of the topology and the connections between them are formed either in depth or on the surface layer of such an electronic circuit. 

The conditions for the legal protection of topology are originality and novelty. This is similar to the patentability conditions for an industrial design. 

State registration of the topology is not obligatory and is carried out at the request of the copyright holder. In order to register a topology in the Patent Office, substantive examination is not provided. This has a general similarity with Computer programs. 

The validity period of the exclusive right to a topology is calculated either from the date of the first use of the topology, or from the date of registration of the topology with the Patent Office, depending on which of the indicated events occurred earlier. 

The exclusive right to the topology is valid for ten years. 

A person who independently creates a topology that is identical to another topology has an independent and exclusive right to that topology. This is a trait inherent in a production secret (know-how).

What are the rights of the owner of an integrated microcircuits topology?

The owner of the topology of an integrated microcircuit owns exclusive rights to the topology; they provide for the legal possibility of the patent holder to use the topology in any way that does not contradict the law. At the same time, the owner has the opportunity to dispose of the exclusive right to the topology in various legal ways and in various forms.


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