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Breeding achievements are unique and unconventional objects of intellectual property. 

The objects of selection achievements are biological objects that differ from other similar objects by genetic characteristics and are obtained as a result of selection - a targeted selection carried out by a person. 

WTO member states grant protection to plant varieties either by depositing them, or by granting a patent, or by applying special national legislation, or any combination of these. 

There is an extensive plant variety protection patent system in US law along with a specific breeding law. 

Most of the states, including the EU member states, have created systems of special protection for new plant varieties, excluding them from the scope of classical patent protection. 

Plant varieties and animal breeds must be new, uniform in character, distinguishable and stable. 

The protected variety categories are clone, line, first generation hybrid and population. Seeds and plant material are also protected.

What does the registration of a breeding achievement give?

Legal protection of intellectual property in the field of breeding work plays an extremely important role, since the success of agricultural production in the country depends on the creation of new varieties of plants and animal breeds with desired properties.


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