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Brands, trade marks, logos are protected in all countries of the world as trademarks. 

A trademark is a designation for the individualization of goods, work performed or services provided by legal entities or individuals. 

A trademark is a means of individualization of goods and services, which distinguishes them from goods and services of different manufacturers in one class of the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). 

The exclusive right to a trademark arises on the basis of its state registration. 

The process for registering a trademark differs depending on the country of registration. There are several ways to register a trademark, for example, national procedure and international through the Madrid system. 

To register a trademark in the United States, you must prove that you are already using the trademark in business. 

When registering trademarks in most countries of the world, the country's national patent office compares the declared trademark with those already registered, and decides on registration or refusal. In some countries, registration applications are published in the public domain, and if no rightholder opposes within the allotted time, the trademark is registered.

What are the consequences if the trademark is not registered?

Your products or services may start to copy, competitors will try to oust your products or services from the market. You can get banned from using your trademark and pay substantial compensation to competitors. In most developed countries, you will not be able to position goods or services on electronic trading platforms and retail networks, as well as export goods to the country of sale.


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