Place of Origin of Goods

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The name of the place of origin of a product is a designation that is a name or designation of a geographic object that has become known in relation to a product that is characteristic of a given geographical area and has certain special distinctive properties. 

The special properties of the goods can be determined exclusively or mainly by the characteristic of a particular geographical object, natural conditions and (or) human factors. 

The objects in the creation of which the use of traditional knowledge plays a key role are, first of all, objects of folk art (folk crafts). 

The results of folk art can be results that are objects of copyright (songs, poems, prose, music, etc.) and / or results that have a material component. 

The object of origin appears under the influence of natural conditions and / or human factors as a result of its long and widespread use. As a result of such use, a relationship arises between a certain product, the special properties of which are characteristic of a certain geographic object, and, in fact, the name of this geographic object. 

The rights to objects of origin cannot be transferred through alienation or granting to another person the right to use this name. In this case, the owner of the certificate for the right to use the place of origin has only the right to use it for labeling the relevant products. 

To register a place of origin abroad, you will initially need to go through national registration. 

The term of protection of the place of origin is ten years, with the possibility of renewal an unlimited number of times in the last year of the registration.

Why is registration of place of origin necessary?

The owner can use his indication of place of origin, in particular, by placing it on goods, labels, packaging of goods, on letterheads, invoices, in sales offers, including through advertising. Place of origin is an ideal advertising medium that can effectively influence the promotion of a product on the market, informing the consumer that the product has special properties determined by natural conditions and (or) human factors. The existence of an exclusive right allows the copyright holder to protect his rights to use the place of origin and prohibit the release of counterfeit goods.


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