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At the stage of creating a new object of intellectual property - a trademark, there is an important point - a preliminary check of the trademark. 

When the applicant has only the idea of ​​registering a new trademark, it is very important to correctly assess the future trademark, the further outcome of the registration will depend on this assessment. 

To understand the essence of the idea for registration, as well as for preliminary verification, the applicant must provide an image of the trademark and a description of the scope of use. 

And also, the applicant needs to decide which classes of goods and services of the MKTU the future trademark will belong to. 

An important aspect of the preliminary check is the competent selection of the declared object. In some cases, at this stage, it is determined whether the new object will be protected as a trademark, or whether it will characterize a different means of individualization. 

Next, you need to search for your trademark. Such a search is carried out in specialized trademark registers, in open sources, as well as on the Internet. 

In addition to searching, you can check the trademark name for protectability. 

In addition, when checking a trademark, it is also evaluated for similarity with other means of individualization in name, graphic design, semantic content, sound and even impression.

Why is it necessary to carry out a preliminary check of the trademark?

The fact is that competent and accurate execution of all the necessary documents is not such an easy task. You will save your time and money if you pre-check your trademark in advance. Such verification is necessary to detect confusingly similar trademarks. For a good reputation of an organization, it is necessary to have a unique, memorable trademark. Because it is such a trademark that will be attractive to customers.


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