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At this stage in the development of modern society, the worldwide protection of trademarks is becoming increasingly popular. 

To protect your trademark abroad, it is possible to file a national application with the patent office of the country you need, or to use the right to file an international application for a trademark. 

The most common ways to register a trademark in several countries are: 

  • Registration of a trademark on the basis of initial national registration through applications to patent offices of other countries. 

  • Registration of a trademark in several countries at the same time, on the basis of one application filed according to the procedure provided for by the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol thereto. Registration of a trademark under the Madrid system allows the owner of a trademark, which has been registered in any of the member countries of the Madrid system, to file an international application and obtain protection immediately in all countries that are currently members. If registration is successful, the applicant will be granted national protection for his trademark in each country. 

A mandatory requirement for registering a trademark under the Madrid system is the presence of trademark protection in the country of registration of the copyright holder. 

The term of international protection for a trademark registered under the Madrid system is ten years, with the possibility of renewal for a period of ten years by paying a basic fee.

What are the benefits of international registration of a trademark?

To successfully enter the foreign market, your company's trademarks must have legal protection. When choosing a country where a trademark will be protected, the market for competitive goods and services should be studied in detail. A patent registered in countries favorable for business will increase the popularity and profit of the company, protect you from the fact that a third party will use it in a foreign country without your permission.


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